Wednesday, December 17, 2008



It's a wrap. Time for Report and Video Documentation.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


21.11.08 meeting with Lam fung

Members Present:

Cafe Galilee/School Library
Approx. 15-20mins

Agenda was to update Lam fung of our progress and what's ahead for us.
We showed some of our footage and let him listen to some samples of how the music will be like.


Post-Production: Still in the works. Ghaz and Zat are working on it every TUE, WED and THURS. A technical difficulty delayed some time and fortunately it was solved. Episode 1: ignorance is complete. 3 more to go!

Audio: Live event equipments have been confirmed. Voice-over recordings are done. Final editing for voice overs will be in the works.

Music: Is still in the works.

Publicity through facebook, Posters and ADs done! Printing out soon.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


FORCASTED Deadlines:

COMPLETION of All 4 parts of film: 15th November

COMPLETION of Music: 30th November

SEND Equipment List for LOAN: 1st December

Start Publicity: 1st December

SYNC All 4 parts with Music: 6th December


Greetings occupants of the universe,
As 12/12 draws nearer, we still got much work to do.

Footage, last location to shoot at this Wednesday.

All the footage that we have has been digitized and sequencing has begun.

The venue has been booked.
Equipments to loan are still in the works, mics and cables will be from STA labs and the sound support will be from OES.

Publicity will be discussed soon.

The voice overs will be done end of this week.

Music is on the works.

38 days to 12/12

Monday, October 27, 2008

We could only touch reflections on its surface

Greetings fellow occupants of the universe,
embarking on this project directed me to a light of hope. It was a project of ambition and we chose to take that challenge but is it taking a toll on us now?

I chose the story to be inspired by Love Exists. Most of us do not really know what it actually does. It is just a reminder. For me, you and everyone else. No matter what ever shit happens and gets shoved into our faces, we know it will be worth it in the end. It kinda hit hard on me when Zee and I had communication breakdown about shooting a certain scene. I do not know why but the team has very poor communications but we just choose to ignore it.

Before the production phase started we discussed about meaning. But I feel all that meaning we've discussed about is gone. But I know it'll be back once we pull it through. We are really behind time. Who do we blame? The Producer. I am suppose to keep everything on schedule but I was too weak to draw the line between being a friend and being a team member.

I believe there are conflicts that happen we just choose to ignore, hoping things to get better naturally but this set back is too much. We have to finish post production by 8 Nov. We just have to make use what we have and change the story slightly. I am sorry Zat that your script could not be fully realized unless someone gives me a full proof production plan.

Forgive me my team mates if I am not communicating properly before. If you have any problems with the way I work, I will not mind to change so as long work gets done in time and to fit how you work and your efficiency rate is top-notch. I do not want to be a spoil-sport for all of you but at the same time I need assurance that work can be finished in time.

I've indulged myself in the journey of self until I have forgotten.
That I am not alone.

Love exists not by fate by through our own efforts.